Statement of Confidentiality

When you register with us, your phone numbers and addresses are needed for official purposes only. We do not give nor sell private information to third parties or vendors. Your information is kept secure with us. We hope you enjoy your membership with the organisation.

Types of Membership

We have 3 types of membership. Please indicate on the form which one you want.

Regular Membership – This is available to Registered Nurses, practicing in Psychiatric and related areas. Regular members are entitled to all privileges and benefits of membership.

Student Membership – Students who are engaged in full-time study in a Psychiatric Nursing Program, regardless of the level. These members may not vote or seek election to the board but may serve on committees and task forces.

Affiliate Membership – Affiliate memberships are all other health care professionals who genuinely identify with the vision and mission of the association. Affiliate members receive all benefits of membership with the exception that they may not vote or hold office, but may serve on specially constituted committees and task forces.



Please go to the registration page – please make sure you fill out all the required fields correctly. Filling out this application does not guarantee your membership. You application will be reviewed and the information entered will be verified before your membership can be approved.

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